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English Solutions for Careers

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This Year,

We're Helping Malaysian Graduates

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The Mission

The Covid-19 pandemic which has hit the hardest in 2020 and still subsists until today have impacted Malaysian graduates significantly. We recognise that looking for a job in a challenging economic climate can be extra difficult. That is why this year, we are partnering with Cambridge Assessment English to help widen employment opportunities for Malaysian graduates by giving them a little extra boost as they start their careers.

The English Proficiency Certification for Careers by Cambridge Assessment English

The Objective

  • We are providing an opportunity to all Malaysian graduates in 2020/2021 to obtain a Linguaskill English language skills certification, issued by Cambridge Assessment English, at zero cost.

  • Free walk-in sessions will be organised with Malaysian university partners in 10 locations nationwide throughout this year.

  • All candidates will receive a Cambridge Linguaskill test certification regardless of how well they perform in the test.

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English is the most transferable skill across industries.

Why English? According to the 'English at Work' study published by Cambridge English Language Assessment, University of Cambridge, 97% of employers across the world said that English is important to their business. Even in countries where English is not an official language, nearly 70% of employers said that English is important to their business. Conclusion: English skills help open doors to more job opportunities. 

How can you get involved?

How To

If you are a student and...

  • You are a Malaysian citizen;

  • You are graduating from a public or private university in Malaysia this year (2021);

  • You have graduated from a public or private university in Malaysia last year (2020);

If you are a university and...

  • You are located in Malaysia;

  • You would like to make this CSR initiative available to your graduating students;

  • You have an available computer lab to spare for your students;

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Available Slots


20 May 2021, Thursday



Session conducted by Sasbadi Sdn Bhd




If you are a Malaysian student, you can register yourself for an available slot and take the Cambridge English Linguaskill certification test online, wherever you are. Simply click on the 'Register' button, complete the form, and wait for one of our invigilators to contact you. Terms and conditions apply.
Upcoming Session
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

25 APRIL 2021, SUNDAY, 10am to 4pm




If you are a Malaysian student attached to one of our CSR partner universities, you may approach your university and register to take the Cambridge English Linguaskill test, either on or off campus.
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


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